Wedding Stages Advice


Good wedding advice is invaluable and hard to find. Here you will find some feedback that we have received from Brides who took the time to write down their thoughts on the challenges of organizing their wedding and how best to deal with some of the situations that can arise.

Wedding Stages is committed to making sure that each and every wedding and mehndi function for which we provide design and decor is managed with care and attention. You can rest assured that we will put in place all the contingency measures for your peace of mind on your special wedding day.

"Looking back at the décor on my wedding I wish I had known then - what I know now. I originally booked. the stages for both my events from another company. I spoke to Wedding Stages after this because they were so strongly recommended, after seeing their stage designs I decided to book one stage from them and one from the other company. Suffice to say that there was a big difference in the design and decor that was delivered and the level of professionalism and service.


The Wedding Stages décor wasmuch better than the other campany. I wish had contracted Wedding Stages to do the desing and decor for both days. i can't bring that day back and do it again - so my advice to everyone one is be careful, you get what you pay for." - Sabrina Khan. The Decorium, London

"I guess looking good on your special day is a bit difficult to say the least and out of your control when in the middle of everything - my entire family including my new in-laws were there looking at me. The video cameras and photographers were snapping away. That's the moment when I glowed with happiness because my stage setting , the ambiance and romantic mood created was perfect, everything had been coordinated to the agreed design and I can assure you I felt quite relaxed which probably helped with how I looked in the pcitures. With Wedding Stages all my décor arrangements were really well coordinated with my colour theme, my dress and the flowers arrangements." - Dr Ravinder Varsha. Hilton Hotel, Coventry